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We are consultants providing expertise and services related to large scale modular construction.

  • Modular Apartments
  • Modular Hotels
  • Modular Student Housing
  • Modular Workforce Housing

Modular Project Management

Our team provides management from bidding and factory selection, to delivery and completion; bringing unparalleled expertise in modular project management.

Modular Best Practices

A key objective of our team is to help builders and manufacturers develop best practices both in the factory and the field to help assure broad scale success for the modular industry.

Modular Construction Administration

Our qualified inspectors provide in-factory CA services for the client on mid-to-large scale projects.

In-House Modular Design Group

Studio-M | Modular Design Group

provides modular expertise and modular plan development as an integral part of the consultant team.

Striving to excellence
in service we provide

Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced individuals working as a cohesive team across the design and construction landscape to assure modular best practices are utilized and that our clients achieve success in their projects.

Why we do it...

Our founders and team members have been in land development, construction, modular manufacturing, and the product innovation environment for most of their careers.  We have a great passion for building and for the modular industry and that passion has been stoked to even greater heights in this new economy.  

The demand for more stable resources and affordable construction has driven modular to the forefront, and more than ever we are seeing that modular will become the new normal within the construction industry.  Although modular offers a clear path to stabilizing the supply of housing and commercial structures, the industry as a whole has been largely fraught with varied approaches and mixed results.  We have endeavored to assemble a well-disciplined team with direct experience and expertise in modular design, manufacturing, on-site installation, and completion.  We have lived through the hard lessons, and we believe it’s time to stabilize the methodology and bring the expertise to our clients on a broader scale.

We do it because we love it, we know how to execute, and we can help others achieve success

We are ready to help

achieve your vision

Our modular design consultants and construction professionals help guide the team from early concepts to completion.

Creating an efficient modular design can have a dramatic affect on the overall budget and schedule.  Our experts have the know-how and can help the team strike that optimal balance between efficiency and form.

Why Choose Us?

Our reputation and experience in the market place is unmatched.  We seek out and employ top notch personnel who have a passion for building and modular construction techniques, and that energy bleeds into everything we do.  We work hard for our clients and we are highly skilled at bridging the gap between [developers, consultants, builders] and the [manufacturer].


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