Agreement is sure to strengthen the modular industry.

Boise, Idaho— April 29, 2019 — Metric Modular & Prefab Logic have announced a strategic alliance to further grow the volumetric modular industry. With the alliance, Metric Modular will further grow its coverage in the Western United States and will team up with Prefab Logic to provide product design and product management services on select modular projects. The agreement is part of Prefab Logic’s commitment to increasing volumetric modular capacity. Metric Modular builds commercial permanent modular construction projects and will be working with Prefab Logic in the hospitality, multi-family, and student housing sectors. Headquartered in British Columbia the partnership with Prefab Logic will contribute to the goal of Metric’s expansion into the United States’ volumetric modular space.

“We’re excited to add Metric Modular to our family of qualified volumetric modular factories. We’re building an industry!” said Curtis Fletcher, Co-founder and CEO at Prefab Logic.

“We are excited to collaborate with Prefab Logic. Our forward-thinking modular projects have a positive impact not only on the clients we work with, but also for the people living, staying, or working in those facilities. We look forward to the opportunity to further expand our offering in the US.” said Stephen Branch, President at Metric Modular.

About Metric Modular

As one of North America’s largest commercial modular construction companies, Metric Modular specializes in multi-family affordable and market housing, student accommodation and education space, hotels, workforce accommodation, and high-performance energy efficient modular buildings. Metric Modular de-risks projects by using innovative modular construction techniques to shorten project timelines, increase quality control and accelerate return on investment for our customers. Founded in 1977, and based in Agassiz, BC, Metric Modular has two advanced modular construction facilities located in Agassiz and Penticton, BC. In 2017 the company was acquired by Triple M Housing and is part of the Triple M Group of Companies.

About Prefab Logic

Founded in 2016, Prefab Logic is a leader in the volumetric modular construction industry specializing in product design and product management. With its operational platform for manufacturers, Prefab Logic’s goal is to help build the modular industry by facilitating modular projects while promoting best practices while providing services which significantly improve the outcome and experience for the customer.


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