Prefab Logic, LLC, has made a strategic decision to realign its leadership team by internally promoting two key staffers to co-lead the company. Bas Lima Neto will direct the company as General Manager. Tim Mathson will co-lead as Operations Manager.

The decision came after careful thought, focused on how to take the thriving modular consultancy to the next level, according to Rick Murdock, Prefab Logic Co-founder and Chairman.

“We’re making an intentional pivot that brings our two most qualified hands-on leaders to senior-most leadership roles,” Murdock said. “This gives our clients a more direct line to our two key sources of expertise as managers, and in the trenches. We believe being a home-grown resource instills integrity into our team. These two high-character leaders have not only helped our amazing team grow for some time, they also bring a shared vision of how we can help reimagine the construction industry.”

Curtis Fletcher, Prefab Logic Co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer, said the leadership pivot is designed to build on the company’s growth momentum and unique culture driven by its unique team of talent.

“To best grow the company and become a national platform for modular design and development, we’ve elected to advance our leadership team by promoting from within,” Fletcher said. “This new leadership brings advanced experience to the top roles in the company to serve the industry and our customers at the highest levels possible. Each person remaining is key to our culture, and this change reaffirms who we are as a company.”Bas Lima Neto

Bas Lima Neto

Bas Lima Neto advances to GM from his role as Studio Director. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, a master’s degree in engineering management, and has an extensive history in construction, design, optimization, and automation. He created one of the largest BIM companies in Brazil and has worked on over 170 projects in the U.S. and Canada.

“We’re leading the industry and driving modular construction forward while elevating modeling and integration processes to unprecedented standards” Lima Neto said. “It takes more than technology and experience to accomplish that – it takes the right people, and the utmost congruency, and that’s our foundation.”

Tim Mathson

Tim Mathson steps up to the role of Operations Manager from his role as Director of Design. With a degree in drafting, Tim entered the modular industry 10 years ago where he began a structural focused career. During the years before joining the Prefab Logic team he worked for a large engineering firm as a structural designer. Tim is an expert in structural design for modular buildings and a trailblazer in the modular industry, bringing new and creative ways to improve factory construction and structural systems with a keen attention to detail.

“I’m excited that we have such a great foundation in place to take Prefab Logic to the next level,” Mathson said. “Together with Bas and our experienced team, we’ll ensure our focus is helping clients compress time and cut costs to put top quality housing in reach at a time of great need.”


Prefab Logic is the nation’s premiere preconstruction services firm, based in Nampa, Idaho. The company was co-founded in 2015 to bridge the gap between architectural design and modular manufacturing. Prefab Logic transforms the vision of developers and architects into complete, precise, data-driven plans for modular factories and onsite general contractors to build more efficiently and effectively. The company has provided preconstruction services for more than 40 major construction projects in multifamily, senior living, hospitality, and specialty markets.

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