Casa Paloma

  • Midway City, California
  • Multifamily Affordable
  • 71 Residential Living Units

Building Type:Apartments / 4 stories on grade

Developer:American Family Housing


Orange County is known for its well-to-do. Despite the high average income and net worth among this community, homelessness is a growing issue. The urgent need for safe, livable housing for the homeless has spurred Midway City to build its first modular supportive housing development: Casa Paloma.

The development brings 71 new units of affordable housing for homeless and low income households. This critically needed permanent supportive Housing provides 48 households for the homeless, and 21 households for very low income individuals and families.

County AFH decided to use modular construction to control costs and shorten the timeframe of bringing these drastically needed units into the community This development will also include supportive services provided by AFH, Cal Optima and Orange County Health CareAgency.

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