Citizen M Hotel

  • Oakland, California
  • Hospitality
  • 186 Hotel guest rooms

Building Type:Hotel

Developer:Citizen M

Architect:Gensler Architects

Socially inclined, experience-based millennials and Gen Xers are looking for a different kind of hotel for business travel. The hospitality industry is changing its designs and using modular construction to meet their needs. Instead of big rooms with desks and an empty lobby, today’s traveler demands hotels that are stylish and centrally located, with common areas designed for working and socializing. 

Citizen M hotel groups builds its hotels to cater to this new business traveler, with smaller rooms that minimize wasted space, inviting common areas, and fashionable designs. And they’re doing it quickly thanks to the time savings of modular construction.

The chain’s newest location is in the heart of downtown Seattle’s South Lake Union district. The bottom two stories of retail and beverage areas have traditionally constructed concrete floors, while the six stories of 186 modular rooms supported by steel beams will be stacked on top.

Prefab Logic has been involved in this project from the initial design phase through plan development. Our expertise was essential to securing the necessary approval by the State of Washington.

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