Building Capacity for Modular Building: Factory_OS

Average rents across the West continue to climb, creating a need for affordable housing that reaches even high income wage earners. Modular construction offers a serious solution. The problem? The West Coast lacked a modular manufacturing facility with sufficient capacity.

In 2017, modular building startup Factory_OS secured a contract with Silicon Valley juggernaut Google to design and construct modern, high-end workforce housing for their employees. They needed a facility with the capacity to build it, along with their many other pending modular multifamily projects. Factory_OS found a facility, then reached out to Prefab Logic’s expert team to design and lay it out to help them solve the West’s affordable housing crisis.

Built in 1940 as a submarine production facility, building number 680 on Mare Island in Vallejo is an iconic structure with a deep history for the area. In the 1940s and 50s, the facility built nuclear submarines for the US Navy. Now, as the headquarters of Factory_OS, it will also have a promising and consequential future.

Prefab Logic led the remodel process to turn this facility into a model for the industry. Our team developed the physical plant design, providing best practices for work-flow, jigs, fixtures, and processes. We assisted in training key staff in the management of the facility’s advanced systems and continue to provide logistical support and guidance since Factory_OS began operations. In addition to the Google project, the first projects slated for the plant included the Coliseum Transit Village in Oakland and The Union multifamily complex in Emeryville.

With an efficient new modular manufacturing facility equipped to build up to 1,000 modules per year, the West Coast now has the ability to build affordable housing that helps to address the growing demand in the area.


Sector: Specialty
Location: Vallejo, CA
Size: 256,700 sq. ft, 957 feet long, 10 stories tall


Client: Factory_OS



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