Like many in Silicon Valley, employees of Menlo Park businesses struggle to find affordable housing without hours-long commutes. By leveraging efficient modular construction, owners of the Gateway Family Housing complex will pass on savings to current and prospective tenants, adding 58 new units to the town’s affordable housing inventory.


The Gateway is the first and oldest affordable housing complex in Menlo Park. This historic property houses 82 local families and found itself in desperate need of renovation after 58 years of use.

Rather than attempt to salvage the existing structure, owner MidPen Housing saw an opportunity—made possible by modular methods—to improve conditions for residents while also serving the greater good of the Menlo Park community.

The new Gateway Family Housing development, located on the same property as the original complex, will feature 140 low- to moderate-income units accented by community meeting rooms, green spaces, and a branch of the Menlo Park Public Library.

This plan adds 58 units to the total Menlo Park affordable housing inventory. MidPen Housing will relocate existing residents to other properties during construction, before introducing them to their new home upon project completion.

Gateway Family Housing is Phase II of MidPen’s plan to revitalize their Menlo Park properties. The nonprofit housing organization recently completed construction of Sequoia Belle Haven, an affordable senior community just one block from The Gateway.


With construction costs on the rise across the country, developers are turning to volumetric modular techniques to increase affordable housing inventory in local communities. This is because modular construction offers a more reliable experience from start to finish, reducing financial risk for everyone involved.

The modular manufacturing process follows proven best practices that can be repeated with a high degree of accuracy on each unit, often using a much smaller team than a traditional build requires. Modular buildings also meet the highest quality standards in the industry—at significantly lower cost.

A controlled factory environment also means fewer environmental delays. On average, a modular building project can be completed between 30% and 50% faster than a traditional construction project. Costs are fixed in the manufacturing contract, so developers are also protected from unanticipated overage costs.

All these factors add up to savings that can be passed down to low-income tenants.

Prefab Logic is proud to be the modular consultant of record for Gateway Family Housing, providing modular project management services from inception through completion.


Sector: Affordable Housing
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Size: 96 modular units, 4 modular stories, 147,000 modular sq ft


Owner: MidPen Housing
Architect: Mithun/Solomon