Hip Hospitality:
Moxy by Marriott

Millennial travelers are looking for unique experiences, and Moxy by Marriott is answering the call with hip hotels designed to maximize fun and reduce underutilized room space. Marriott is leading the hospitality industry in modular construction volume, fully embracing the benefits this efficient, high-quality technique has to offer.

The Moxy by Marriott concept reimagines affordable hospitality for contemporary hotel guests. Moxy’s vision is a hotel that seamlessly blends the tastes of Generation Y with destination-worthy dining and entertainment experiences. By using modular, Marriott is streamlining building size, enabling them to build in the heart of each city’s active nightlife to accommodate urban travelers.

Prefab Logic is providing modular design and project management services for the Oakland Moxy. This includes customizing project plans to take maximum advantage of factory-built efficiency, managing timeline and communication with production partners, and otherwise ensuring a successful modular build from conception to completion.

The Oakland Moxy is the latest by Marriott to utilize modular construction. Internationally, Marriott has committed to building more than 10% of their projects using volumetric factory construction, creating tremendous momentum for off-site building techniques in the hospitality industry.


Sector: Hospitality
Location: Oakland, CA
Size: 145 hotel rooms, 80 modules, 5 modular stories atop 2 concrete site-built floors


Developer: Graves Hospitality
General Contractor: Pankow/Suffolk
Architect: Lowney Architecture



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