Prefab Logic co-founders Rick Murdock and Curtis Fletcher have just announced System P4, an automated modular plant solution that gives factory owners a complete, predesigned factory off the shelf, and more. System P4 was co-developed by Waypaver, a factory consultancy founded by Rick that has designed numerous major plants, and KUKA, a 16,000-employee global leader in automation and robotics for automotive and other industries. Waypaver also introduced the P4 Housing Collective, a group of independent companies that includes Prefab Logic.

System P4 was designed to be supported by all the companies in the P4 Housing Collective to create an ecosystem for high-volume, high-quality multifamily housing production. The vision of System P4 and the P4 Housing Collective is to enable the spread of automated housing plants by offering a compete, turnkey approach to plant owners. The P4 name stands for the four elements of the ecosystem, each provided by one of the following companies:

People: Modular Maven

Products: Effektiv House

Precon: Prefab Logic

Plants: Waypaver

System P4 brings with it all the “been-there, done-that” experience of each company in the ecosystem. This means a complete solution, giving plant owners a huge head start at a successful automated modular operation without starting from scratch, guesswork, or reinventing the wheel. This means a System P4 plant can gain the advantages of products, services, and materials supply chain all working toward the same quality, efficiency, and productivity goals to produce more housing and make it more attainable.

System P4 was announced publicly and featured in Forbes magazine on September 22.

Read the Forbes article here.

Read the full press release here.

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