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Prefab Logic is North America’s leading volumetric modular expert. We are committed to growing our industry to meet the demand for affordable housing and hospitality solutions now and in the future. Our factory development division realizes this vision by sharing the latest assembly line construction methods and best practices for effective factory layouts to reduce labor and materials handling inefficiencies. The Prefab Logic team has unrivaled experience in the modular manufacturing industry, including new factory start-ups and existing factory conversions throughout North America and around the world.


Our multi-phase approach to volumetric modular factory start-ups begins with a thorough business plan analysis and feasibility study. Our experts will guide you step-by-step through the process of physical plant design, production line layout, material flow, and ongoing manufacturing operation. Prefab Logic customizes every proposal to meet each customer’s specific manufacturing facility needs. Whether you’re seeking a factory conversion or new facility start-up services, Team Prefab Logic has the expertise to help you achieve your modular manufacturing goals.


We partner with owners and other stakeholders to launch volumetric modular factories around the world. Modular construction methods address the affordable housing crisis head-on by mitigating the risks that accompany large multifamily projects, from cost and scheduling concerns to labor shortages and quality control. Modular techniques also serve the hospitality industry, where more hoteliers are using volumetric manufacturing to complete projects on deadline and under budget.


Team Prefab Logic is an industry thought leader and resource for best practices in modular factory start-up and conversion operations.

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