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A Few Words About Us

Our Team & Focus

Prefab Logic is made up of highly qualified and experienced individuals working as a cohesive team across the design and construction landscape to assure modular best practices are utilized and that our clients achieve the highest level of success in their projects.

Our focus is on the multi-unit residential and hospitality sectors and we have carefully crafted a suite of services based on the weaknesses surrounding modular integration.  Our services provide that critical interface between traditional design/construction teams and the modular elements (design, manufacturing, delivery, and installation).

The demand for stable labor resources and affordable construction has driven modular to the forefront, and more than ever we are seeing modular become the new normal within the construction industry.  Although modular offers a clear path to stabilizing the supply of housing, the industry as a whole is and has been largely disjointed with varied approaches and mixed results.  Our company has endeavored to assemble a well-disciplined team with direct experience and expertise in modular design, manufacturing, installation, and site completion; offering a suite of resources and services that are not currently available anywhere else in the industry.

Meet our Co-Founders

Curtis Fletcher

Co-Founder & CEO: Prefab Logic

Rick Murdock

Co-Founder & COO: Prefab Logic