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It’s an exciting time to be in the modular construction industry. This innovative technique is poised to revolutionize the way our society approaches large-scale building. Prefab Logic is the leading modular consultant transforming the construction industry by establishing modular as the preferred way to build. We offer a complete suite of consulting services built on our enthusiasm for guiding clients through all phases of commercial modular construction.

Our History

Our founders Curtis Fletcher and Rick Murdock met in 2002 while working on a large-scale condominium project in the Bay Area. These pioneers shared a vision of growing and developing modular building solutions throughout the industry; 13 years later, this vision became a reality in the form of Prefab Logic.

From our headquarters in beautiful Boise, Idaho, Prefab Logic gives builders around the world peace of mind in their pursuit of modular multifamily and hospitality projects and volumetric factory start-ups and conversions. While we offer our clients extensive modular leadership experience, the most important facet of our business is a commitment to client relationships built on communication and trust.

Our Team

Our dynamic team of analysts, designers, project managers, and business development professionals shares a true passion for modular. That’s because we’ve experienced first-hand the positive impact on builders and communities alike when we apply the quality and efficiency of off-site construction to traditional projects.

From conversion through completion, our talented industry experts take the stress out of volumetric modular building. Our success will be measured by your success.

Our Founders

Curtis Fletcher and Rick Murdock

Curtis Fletcher

Curtis is a product design and development specialist with over 30 years of experience designing pre-manufactured housing, with the most recent years dedicated to designing mid- to large-scale modular multifamily and hospitality projects. He has been an architectural consultant for thousands of units in modular multifamily construction, and is Prefab Logic’s resident expert in process optimization, logistics, and site integration. Curtis co-founded Prefab Logic as part of his mission to establish modular best practices as the construction industry increasingly industrializes to meet demand.

Rick Murdock

Rick is a building operations and manufacturing expert with 40 years of experience managing modular construction projects across the US and Canada. His experience includes serving most recently as a Founder and COO of Guerdon Enterprises, where he pioneered major innovations in large scale multi-story, multi-family modular manufacturing that made the company an award-winning industry leader. He has led operations for multiple manufacturing divisions, overseeing the execution of a plethora of successful modular projects.



Vail, CO

Modular construction offers significant advantages in speed, cost, and labor that can help solve the affordable housing crisis facing the US today. The Chamonix complex in Vail is one example of how we’re putting modular to use addressing housing shortages.



Based in the Pacific Northwest, Prefab Logic operates throughout the US, and around the globe.

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