Multifamily Market Rate

The opportunity is only as big as your speed to market

The need for housing continues to outpace the supply. Over the decades, demand has grown explosively. Over the same time, construction productivity has actually dropped. Add to that the decline in construction tradespeople, and the labor shortage in general. This pressing crisis leaves place makers and developers unable to get ready-to-fund market-rate projects approved and built. Prefab Logic was created to help conquer this crisis and get more multifamily housing to market.

Modular construction is a no brainer to boost the availability side of the multifamily housing equation. But many developers, architects, and general contractors lack the expertise to take advantage of modular. And many modular factories lack the design and engineering expertise to get a project factory ready. That’s were Prefab Logic comes in.

Prefab Logic bridges the gap. Here’s how our preconstruction services can help:

  • Our free Project Evaluation gives a quick go/no go take on whether a project is right for modular
  • Our Modular Feasibility Study takes a deep dive into what it will take to build a housing project modularly
  • Our preconstruction services bring all project stakeholders together in a highly efficient, collaborative process from design through onsite integration
  • Projects that aren’t a good fit for modular can still benefit from smarter ways to build onsite starting with advanced preconstruction best practices

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