Townhomes—a key piece of the housing availability puzzle

Townhomes fill a variety of niches. Whether it’s a small footprint, mixed plan development, or a special need like student or workforce housing, townhomes give you flexibility of use. Townhomes offer great housing for infill in tight urban areas. Townhomes also let you avoid extra onsite elements like common corridors and centralized MEP services.

While most modular manufacturers take on townhome projects, both the developer and manufacturer may have more questions about feasibility. Prefab Logic can weigh the pros and cons of whether a project lends itself to modular.


  • Our team knows the ins and outs of affordable housing projects from real-world experience
  • Our free Project Evaluation helps you quickly see if modular is a good fit
  • Our Modular Feasibility Study gives you everything each stakeholder needs to move a project forward confidently
  • Our preconstruction services bring all project stakeholders together in a highly efficient, collaborative process from design through onsite integration
  • Even when modular isn’t the right way to go, our preconstruction process can save major time and money for conventional builds

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