For Affordable Housing, Modular Offers Help – and Hope


The Prefab Logic team travels all across the country to spread the word about the cost, quality, speed, and labor advantages of modular construction. But nowhere is that message resonating stronger than on the West coast, whose affordable housing crunch has turned into a full-blown crisis, particularly for those who need housing the most. A few weeks ago, I presented… Read more »

Prefab Logic Spotlighted in Idaho Business Review

      Media Mention

As the construction industry continues to face labor shortages, more and more people are moving to take advantage of the benefits modular construction offers. Prefab Logic is proud to be leading this construction revolution from right here in Boise, Idaho. This week, we were excited to be featured as a modular construction pioneer in our local business journal, the Idaho… Read more »

Prefab Logic Announces Startup Services for Modular Manufacturing Plants

      Press Release

Two modular construction experts help get new manufacturing plants designed, up, and operating. BOISE, ID (April 17, 2018)—Prefab Logic, a leader in volumetric modular construction, has launched a service that helps startups develop best-in-class modular manufacturing plants to meet a sea-change of demand for modular construction. Rick Murdock and Roger Lyons, in-house manufacturing experts at Prefab Logic, have developed many… Read more »

Prefab Logic at World of Modular: 2018 Takeaways


The Prefab Logic team just got back from a weekend conference at World of Modular, one of the modular construction industry’s largest annual events. The conference attracts thousands of industry professionals, including manufacturers, architects, developers, and general contractors. Many have been using modular construction for some time, but some are new to the process and looking for help. Prefab Logic… Read more »

Factory_OS project featured in the SF Chronicle

      Media Mention

We are pleased to have worked with Factory_OS to design their factory of the future, which is now beginning production on modular projects taking on Bay Area housing shortages. Read more in this article from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Prefab and Factory_OS team up to build modular factory of the future

      Project News

Startup modular builder Factory_OS has joined forces with Prefab Logic to redesign an iconic Bay Area factory—and revolutionize Northern California’s construction industry. Built in 1940 as a submarine production facility, building number 680 on Mare Island in Vallejo, CA is a 256,700 square foot, 957 foot long building that stands 10 stories tall. It’s an iconic structure with a deep… Read more »