When Three Heads Are Better Than One

The construction industry can be a competitive place at times. But here at Prefab Logic, we believe collaboration will be vital to addressing the shortages in affordable housing and skilled labor that are confronting communities across the country.

We try to seek out projects that prove what’s possible when the best minds in the industry work together toward a common goal. A perfect example is Coburn Crossing, an innovative workforce housing development in Truckee, Calif.

It’s no secret the permanent residents of Truckee struggle with housing in a market dominated by short-term vacation rentals. City officials are addressing this problem head on by changing zoning laws, subsiding specific types of housing, and encouraging projects that utilize faster and more efficient modular construction.

The Coburn Crossing project will offer Truckee residents 135 deed-restricted units guaranteed to remain under local ownership for years to come. Our Prefab Logic team is proud to be the modular consultant of record for Coburn Crossing, providing modular product design and project management services.

Success in this unique public-private effort, however, faced one major hurdle. Thanks to increased interest in volumetric modular construction across the country, there aren’t enough manufacturing facilities to meet demand.

So, we doubled down on our commitment to shared solutions and teamed up with three separate volumetric plants to produce the modules for Coburn Crossing. Thanks to the combined efforts of ATCO Structures & Logistics, Nashua Builders, and Superior Homes, the Coburn Crossing project will be ready for tenants in a fraction of the time needed for a traditional build and at significantly lower cost.

It’s relationships like these that will form the foundation of a new model of construction in our industry. One where goals, best practices, and success are shared freely among “competitors.” That’s the Prefab Logic vision.

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