Get a Cost EstimateScope of Workand More for your project using modular construction.

This national service developed by the experts at Prefab Logic provides insight into the time and cost savings of a volumetric modular project. The MFS is a complete and thorough project review, establishing baseline costs and expectations for all stake-holders in a potential volumetric modular project. These services are provided in a short duration and at a great value.

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The Modular Feasibility Study is a one stop shop for developers thinking about going modular with their next project. This review is a deep dive into the important elements and challenges a project may have in achieving success in modular form.

Through years of project experience, bidding and manufacturing relationships, Prefab Logic provides independent data and expertise with numbers based on current information to propose a rough order of magnitude (ROM) budget, schedule and scope of work for volumetric modular projects.
The MFS provides all the critical elements needed to get to a firm idea of modular product cost and schedule and usually takes just 18-21 days to complete.

Prefab Logic is the only independent company in the space with the experience and extensive data to support such a service. “With the amount of quality data available within Prefab Logic, our modular feasibility study is sure to meet or exceed your expectations,” says Curtis Fletcher, CEO of Prefab Logic.

Prefab Logic is an industry leading subject matter expert providing resources, best practices and technology relating to volumetric modular construction.

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