Two modular construction experts help get new manufacturing plants designed, up, and operating.

BOISE, ID (April 17, 2018)—Prefab Logic, a leader in volumetric modular construction, has launched a service that helps startups develop best-in-class modular manufacturing plants to meet a sea-change of demand for modular construction.

Rick Murdock and Roger Lyons, in-house manufacturing experts at Prefab Logic, have developed many volumetric modular factory operations worldwide. In the face of a vast increase in modular building projects coming online, Prefab Logic is now offering services to design and build new factories and meet surging needs outpacing current capacity.

“For the cost, labor, and time-to-market issues so critical in today’s construction industry, volumetric modular construction is the smart way to go,” Murdock says. “As we’ve helped more and more developers and others get construction projects done using modular, we’ve seen the big need for more factories to meet demand, and we know how to get them up and running for maximum efficiency.”

Murdock co-founded Prefab Logic after decades on both sides of the industry—factory operations and construction site. The firm hired Lyons last year to add extensive manufacturing expertise to the Prefab Logic team.

“With modular, most of the work is done in the factory. It’s very high-quality construction because it follows best practices of manufacturing in a controlled environment,” Lyons explains. “We’ve perfected those best practices as we’ve designed many factories for just this purpose.”

“In the early days of developing factories, most were designed for movable structures,” Murdock adds. “Today, the vast difference in the type of modular construction needed along with the labor challenges we face dictate more progressive design and layouts. We know where the pitfalls are, and we can help owners avoid them.”

Murdock and Lyons recently completed the Factory_OS (i.e., factory off-site) facility on Mare Island in Vallejo, California. The Prefab Logic team brought the expertise needed to turn a former US naval facility into the modular factory of the future. According to the San Francisco Business Times, Factory_OS is fully booked up for the first year, with projects including studios for formerly homeless people in Oakland, 110 new apartments in West Oakland, and 300 homes for Google parent-company Alphabet.

“For situations like these in tight markets like the Bay Area, it’s a much smarter way to build,” Murdock says.


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