General Contractors

General contractors can avoid significant onsite modular completion costs by using pre-construction best practices. Those same best practices can also make a similar impact on conventional builds. The onsite process in our Sprint Model can be applied to both onsite modular completion and conventional onsite builds. In either case, efficiency, quality, cost, and certainty are greatly enhanced.


A team of dozens, many with decades of modular and conventional experience

Smart construction

Groundbreaking BIM model integration, data, and visualization tools

Project management

A Sprint Model that keeps all your tasks and subtrades on point

Cost control

Advanced BIM model integration, VR and AR tools, and documentation improve trade bids and prevent costly rework

Game-changing digital twin technology

You, your architect, manufacturer, and general contractor team are guided through a carefully staged collaborative process. You get to review every detail long before construction begins. We create a digital twin that lets you experience your project in virtual reality, and augmented reality tools to view every MEPF detail in the modular factory and onsite.

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