Multifamily Affordable

Affordable housing starts with available housing

Housing affordability is a very complex topic. The macro factors include everything from labor availability to population. No matter where you look, costs are way up, and have often become unsustainable. In some markets, even middle income residents may face the possibility of moving out of the area or becoming homeless. Part of the solution lies in smarter ways to get more built in less time.

Modular construction and smarter preconstruction logic can help make more multifamily housing available—and attainable. Our team knows the steps to make sure it’s designed to fit requirements for approval and funding. Many affordable housing stakeholders need to understand how modular works, and how it can help. Prefab Logic has the answers.

  • Our team knows the ins and outs of affordable housing projects from real-world experience
  • Our free Project Evaluation helps you quickly see if modular is a good fit
  • Our Modular Feasibility Study gives you everything each stakeholder needs to move a project forward confidently
  • Our preconstruction services bring all project stakeholders together in a highly efficient, collaborative process from design through onsite integration
  • Even when modular isn’t the right way to go, our preconstruction process can save major time and money for conventional builds

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