A better path from design vision to award-winning project

Staying focused on place making can be a lot easier with a design team that knows the ins and outs of both modular and site built. We can add instant expertise in modular and smart construction technology to your firm. Our proven Sprint Model supercharges stakeholder buy-in and state submittals—and lets you experience and revise your design in virtual reality long before it’s time to build.  


Experience, references, portfolio, and data-driven predictability your lender needs to fund you with confidence

Project management

A Sprint Model that compresses time to market with cost and schedule certainty

Modular and onsite

Expert guidance to design for manufacturing and onsite success


Our team is outstanding at getting your project state approved, priced, and production ready

Smarter technology

Wow your clients with advanced BIM model integration tools, virtual reality experiences


Predesigned products

Use building design objects (BD0s) co-developed with Effektiv to design at breakthrough speed with vetted, build-ready plans


Build digitally, then literally

As part of the stakeholder team, you’ll be led through a carefully staged collaborative process. We build the project digitally in every detail, with the industry’s most advanced digital twin technology. You can experience your design in virtual reality before it’s built, and all stakeholders gain a wealth of highly organized data—from MEPF visualization to warranty info—all tied to the digital twin.

NEW—services for smarter conventional construction

The pre-construction logic that adds certainty to modular projects can bring many of the same time, cost and quality benefits to conventional onsite projects. We now bring the smart construction technology of modular to site constructability, efficiency, and materials management. Our onsite pre-construction services can give your onsite projects much higher efficiency, cost savings, and certainty.

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