Prefab Logic is a consulting firm specializing in modular construction, including product design and project management.

Game-Changing Experience.


An unprecedented need for new construction. Mounting obstacles for building professionals working to meet the demand. What does Prefab Logic have in common with innovators like Amazon or Airbnb? A smarter, experience-driven model. Advanced modular manufacturing best practices. Volumetric factory start-up and conversion expertise. Open-sourced approaches and partners. And a visionary way of building that changes the game so you win on cost, time, labor, and quality.

Factory_OS manufacturing facility

Built on our expertise, Factory_OS brings large-scale affordable housing to the Bay Area and beyond.

unparalleled experience in the modular industry

To go modular with peace of mind, you need a consultant with a proven track record. Our team knows all sides of modular—from 10,000 modular units across diverse locations to unmatched leadership experience in modular manufacturing. We use this expertise to help you overcome common project obstacles and achieve your modular goals on time and on budget.

each project experience benefits your next one

As pioneers in modular, we bring you the certainty of proven best practices that keep advancing as we innovate from project to project. As a strategic partner, we’ve built an alliance of the industry’s best and brightest modular experts—from design, to factory, to finished build.

Project manager picture
Prefab Logic building

Domain Apartments

A breakthrough experience for everyone involved.

Our model is focused on developing a better way to build that’s smarter and simpler. The goal is an excellent experience for you, your stakeholders, and the people who work, live, and play in the inspiring structures we create together.

Game-Changing Experience.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Prefab Logic operates throughout the US, and around the globe.

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    Introducing our Modular Feasibility Study. Learn more about this unique service that will help confirm if modular is a fit for your next project.