How much does it cost?

That’s the biggest question we get. This and the other questions below are all great conversation starters to get you one step closer to a project that meets your business goals.

How much will my modular project cost?

That depends. Many factors will determine cost: location, size, project type, etc. The good news is we can help you find the answer by asking you the right questions. Not matter the answer, in most cases, we can help make sure it costs less than it would have. The sooner we can start assessing your project, the better chance you’ll have of saving money by doing it right the first time. Not sure if modular makes sense? We can do a quick no-cost evaluation and if things look good, we can dig deeper with a detailed feasibility study.

Can I build something you’ve done before?

Not really. Each site and location has unique considerations, from land features to local regulations. Each financing situation is subject to different market conditions such as investor guidelines, rental rates, and required return on investment. Many other factors make each project unique. However, as we build each project, we learn and gain repeatable best practices that can give the next project a head start. Also, in our collaboration with Effektive House, we can make a rich set of predesigned Building Design Objects (BDOs). This lets architects mass and plan out a building in hours, not weeks or months, with a high certainty of buildability. Prefab Logic can take an Effektive House plan and add the level of detail needed for approved, build-ready plans—offsite or onsite. (button) Get details

Is modular cheaper than conventional?

It depends on things like the market and cost of labor in that market. If the market you have in mind has high labor costs, and we find you a factory with labor costs and offsite efficiencies that more than offset those costs, we’re on the right track. It also depends on whether you’re looking strictly at project cost, or if you’re also factoring in speed to market. With modular offering up to 40 percent faster project completion, the sale or rental revenue captured sooner can offset a higher overall project completion cost. Finally, there’s the opportunity cost. Being able to draw from multiple offsite options that could help you get a project moving much sooner if builders in the site area are slammed. We’d love to look at your project and show you how it pencils out.

How many stories can be built with modular?

Type V wood frame modular construction can go to four stories. Type III allows wood frame construction, including over-podium provided a three-hour fire rated deck is included. We are currently exploring approaches with other materials that could advance modular beyond the five-story level in the future.

What is included in a factory scope?

All possible interior unit finishes are included in the factory: plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fire suppression, tape, texture, paint, flooring, doors, cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, appliances, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, and more.

Do I need an AOR for my project or can you carry the full scope?

You will need an architect of record, and they will handle the local jurisdiction permit, the building exterior skin, the final roof design, and other site integration aspects. We’ll work with your AOR to guide them through the SDs to get you the most efficient product for manufacture and site integration.

Are you a modular factory?

No. We’re a preconstruction design team that works with a growing number of modular factories. When a project reaches the design lock stage of preconstruction, we bid it out to multiple factories so you can get the best choice.

Can you take my stick plans and help them work for modular?

Maybe. Volumetric modular units include complete floors and ceilings. In onsite construction, floors and ceilings are shared between units. This difference impacts not only structural design, but also mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire suppression aspects. So even if your plan is highly modular compatible in other ways, there will be significant redesign. Our free assessment can help you understand some of the key impacts. Most importantly, if you’re still in the early stages of a design and haven’t tried modular, let’s talk. It will be much easier to design with modular in mind, and we can help guide you to success.

Why do I need you if I have an architect?

Every project that comes to us has been designed by an architect. Our whole mindset is efficiency driven so that effort isn’t duplicated. Our Sprint Model and data-driven approach give you the certainty that your project will be factory ready, often in half the time it would otherwise take, and in a way that empowers your architect to focus on placemaking. We take away the uncertainty, headaches, and avoidable risks with preconstruction logic for factory buildability, project approval, manufacturer selection, and smooth integration for your onsite general contractor.

Are there any dumb questions?

No way. We love to talk about this stuff. Tired of reading? Just want to learn more for future projects? Bring your toughest questions and let’s team up on them. If you have a site or project in mind, we’ll even provide a no-cost evaluation of whether it’s a good candidate for modular.

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