Fast, easy, attainable, and built to satisfy.

Whether it’s built onsite or in a modular factory, every project needs a clear, predictable path to success. Perfected over 40 major projects, our data-driven, pre-construction services give you the certainty of proven logic in every detail.


More than 40 major projects since 2016, and more than 5,000 dwelling units

Design / development

A team that knows product development, manufacturing, and onsite integration like no other

Project management

A Sprint Model that compresses time to market with cost and schedule certainty

Manufacturer sourcing

A bidding process that lets you leverage our alliances and access to more than 5,000-unit capacity

Planned maintenance

A precise, organized database of materials and warranties to simplify property maintenance from day one

Game-changing digital twin technology

You, your architect, manufacturer, and general contractor team are guided through a carefully staged collaborative process. You get to review every detail long before construction begins. We create a digital twin that lets you experience your project in virtual reality, and augmented reality tools to view every MEPF detail in the modular factory and onsite.

NEW—services for smarter conventional construction

The pre-construction logic that adds certainty to modular projects can bring many of the same time, cost and quality benefits to conventional onsite projects. We now bring the smart construction technology of modular to site constructability, efficiency, and materials management. Our onsite pre-construction services can give your onsite projects much higher efficiency, cost savings, and certainty.

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