Startup modular builder Factory_OS has joined forces with Prefab Logic to redesign an iconic Bay Area factory—and revolutionize Northern California’s construction industry.

Built in 1940 as a submarine production facility, building number 680 on Mare Island in Vallejo, CA is a 256,700 square foot, 957 foot long building that stands 10 stories tall. It’s an iconic structure with a deep history for the area. And now, as the headquarters of Factory_OS, it will also have a promising and consequential future addressing housing shortages across northern California.

Prefab Logic is assisting Factory_OS by developing the physical plant design, providing best practices for workflow, and training key staff. As production begins this coming spring, Prefab’s team of experts will be there for support and logistics.

One of the facility’s first clients is tech giant Google, whose own employees struggle to find affordable housing in the Bay Area. The company recently contracted with Factory_OS to build a 300-unit apartment complex built with tech-focused residents in mind. Once completed, Google’s complex promises to be a template for other technology companies who need affordable housing that meets the high standards of their employees.

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