Prefab Thought Leaders Speak on ConstructechTV, Industry Panels

Prefab Logic has been speaking up for the volumetric modular construction industry on a variety of platforms—from industry roundtables to YouTube shows.

Prefab Logic CEO Curtis Fletcher recently joined ConstructechTV host Peggy Smedley on a show about Building Toward Prefab to discuss the market drivers for the modular construction industry as well as the trends on the horizon.

Curtis explains that the market drivers for this industry are really based on a lack of labor, particularly skilled labor, and the skyrocketing costs to build today.

“Modular allows you to produce in a controlled environment, and get it in the field in a set amount of time, rather than having labor disappear on you” Curtis notes.

Another market driver in modular construction is the time and effort deployed on a job site. Volumetric modular—with three-dimensional rooms complete with cabinets and finishes—benefits those in the field by cutting down the duration on a job site, and by making labor less demanding.

See the full ConstructechTV show for all of the takeaways. Curtis starts speaking at about 18 minutes in.

Lana Cook, our Business Development Manager, recently spoke on a panel at the National Association of Home Builder & International Builders Show in Las Vegas called “Is Modular Multifamily the Right Fit? Processes and Perspectives.”

Lana’s portion of the presentation covered the top issues and questions about multifamily modular construction. Lana answered common questions concerning modular construction such as how fast it can be built, how much it costs, and if modular makes sense for a particular project.

Jon Moon, Vice President & Business Development, had the opportunity to speak at the 6th annual Construction Lender Risk Management Roundtable in San Antonio, TX. This roundtable provides a forum for industry leaders to discuss common concerns and share solutions and best practices.

There was a fantastic lineup of topics discussed, including “Volumetric Modular Construction Basics – An Overview from A to Z.” Jon provided insights into volumetric modular construction projects from design through construction in order to try to help everyone understand and overcome common obstacles and misconceptions.

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