When you are the industry leader in your given field, it can be tempting to hold your cards close to your chest. At Prefab, we have never really subscribed to that line of thinking. Modular has the potential to bring quality, safe, and affordable housing options to so many communities in need. Our goal from Day 1 has been to share our modular best practices with as many people in our industry as possible.

I spent a few days last month at the 2018 Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco, with our friend Daniel Gehman from Humphreys & Partners Architects. He invited me to sit on a panel about myths and facts in multifamily modular construction. Our session, “Modular Multifamily: The Naked Truth,” was just part of the all-day Multifamily Trends Forum. The focus of this year’s forum was the need for more creative offerings in the multifamily landscape – a theme tailor-made for conversations around modular.

I enjoyed sharing my perspective on modular and the solutions it offers multifamily builders, but even more so, I enjoyed the opportunity to exchange ideas with my peers. With the best of the best in West Coast building, real estate, and business development assembled, PCBC was an invaluable opportunity to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and predictions for the future of our industry.

Thank you again to Daniel and the Humphreys team for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this important event. All stakeholders, from developers to renters and everyone in between, benefit when we have the opportunity to learn from one another.

– Lana Cook

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