Our Culture

Our Sprint Model and technology aren’t all that set us apart. We were all about culture before it was cool. Here are four guiding values we embrace and live by. After too many desperate Sunday evenings and too few happy mornings in past jobs, we forged some simple guiding values. They help to make sure we’re spreading lots of sunshine—while acknowledging our stresses and celebrating our quirks.

Get Naked

You can’t fight a ghost. Getting naked is putting things out on the table. We encourage each other to be open and honest with no pretense. A problem shared is a problem halved. An idea shared is a plan begun. Getting naked builds trust and mutual support. When we trust that we can be authentic, we can drive out fear, relax, and enjoy ourselves and our shared success.

Cuss and discuss

Before fancy buzz words like “collaboration” came along, cussing and discussing did the job just fine. We don’t sugar coat tough issues. Sometimes we have cuss them right out into the open. This not only helps us shake out some stress, it helps us put our heads together and lean into real no-nonsense solutions.


Whether it’s a vision for a new project or a reimagined industry, as the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work.” Working together collectively is where it’s at. We don’t work with prima donnas. As part of the team, our leaders set the vision and remove the obstacles so to team can help clients and communities build great living spaces. As part of an industry, we work to unite companies as a critical mass of allies who can conquer the housing crisis.


Each project we serve is a big commitment, and one more step toward our vision of making modular the preferred way to build. We’re committed to help lead the construction industry toward smarter ways to build. We’re also committed to our brand promise: construction simplified. Each project helps us perfect repeatable best practices that simplify the complex and bring more value to the industry we serve.

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