Our History

Two guys. One goal: construction simplified

Prefab Logic was formed in 2015 to fill help fill the gap between a developer’s dream and architect’s vision and a volumetric modular manufacturer’s realities. Curtis Fletcher and Rick Murdock formed the early team of seven in 2016 as a bootstrap startup in downtown Boise, Idaho. The company has grown about fourfold since then, and now shares headquarters offices with Autovol on Star Road in Nampa, Idaho.

Prefab Logic is, and has always been, an independent resource for developers, architects, manufacturers, and general contractors. Our success has come from our knack for bringing the right people together as one efficient, effective, data-driven team. Though fully autonomous from Autovol, we have been able to form a laboratory type of environment to advance preconstruction. Being in close proximity to the world’s most advanced construction automation has yielded knowledge we openly share with other factories.

Prefab Logic is a connector. We tear down the silos that have too often kept construction in the past. We build open, helpful relationships around the goal of reimagining construction. We believe all our clients are part of a special history we’re making together. There’s so much room for growth, and with the need for quality housing, there’s plenty of room for everyone at the table.

Our history

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