Quick Quality in a Quiet Neighborhood:
530 Walnut

Space is at a premium in the housing-strapped San Francisco Bay Area. To accommodate more people, cities across the region are re-zoning areas designated for single-family residential to make room for multifamily apartments and condominiums. This multifamily project in San Carlos is an example of how developers are leveraging modular construction to get quality housing up quickly while minimizing noise and mess in the quiet residential neighborhood.

The San Carlos Apartment project, located at 530 Walnut Street, is a small multifamily apartment complex consisting of nine units in three modular, wood-framed stories built above a parking structure podium. The development is situated near public transit, aiming to attract young urbanites with hip, modern design and ample bicycle parking for commuters.

Prefab Logic is the modular consultant of record on this project, helping the designers and contractors achieve the project’s goals with efficient modular construction techniques. With off-site construction, the project will shave months off the project’s timeline and minimize site impact, critical given the small size of the project lot and its location deep in the heart of a quiet single-family residential neighborhood. Modular will also allow the designers and architects to execute their designs on-time and on-budget without sacrificing quality or beauty.


Sector: Multifamily
Location: San Carlos, CA
Size: 9 apartment units, 24 modules, 3 modular stories atop a concrete podium


Owner: Linda Su Development
General Contractor: Distinct Builders, Inc.



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