• Vail, CO
  • Townhomes
  • 38 residential living units

Building Type:Townhomes/ 3 stories over garages

Developer:Town of Vail

Architect:359 Design

As vacationers flock year-round to Vail, local property owners are renting their units out for top dollar on websites like Airbnb and VRBO. This inflates housing prices and squeezes the people who live and work in the town out of affordable permanent housing. Meanwhile, traditional construction cannot keep up with demand or keep pricing down enough to fix the problem.

The town of Vail needed affordable housing quickly. Given the area’s constrained construction season, inclement weather, and labor shortages, modular construction offered a serious solution.Prefab Logic led the effort to build housing for Vail’s year-round residents, assisting with project management through to delivery.

Chamonix is a three story townhome complex made possible by a public-private funding partnership led by the Town of Vail. The complex was constructed in a controlled indoor facility, eliminating weather damage, and ensuring consistent quality standards.

Modular construction saved this project over a year in build time, helping hundreds of local residents find housing before peak ski season.

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