Lemos Pointe

  • American Canyon, CA
  • Multifamily Affordable
  • 186 Residential Living Units

Building Type:(8) 3- Story Buildings on grade

Developer:The Pacific Companies

Watson Ranch, located in American Canyon, California, is planned to include 1,000 homes on 309 acres built around the Napa Valley Ruins and Gardens redevelopment—in what is sure to be a high-demand community. The median income in Napa County for a family of four is $85,000, and many high-income residents have made housing costs for low-to-middle income families tough to find.

To bring more attainable housing to the area, Lemos Pointe at Watson Ranch, is designed to bring housing to a mix of incomes who might otherwise be priced out of the area. Lemos Pointe includes eight three-story buildings, as well as a turf area, dog park, picnic area, tot lot, basketball half-court, and 301 parking spaces.

Lemos Pointe is one of the first five projects to be built with a highly automated modular factory approach. Prefab Logic helped co-develop the data and code for this new modular construction advancement. This new automated modular approach helps speed up construction even more while taking most of the heavy lifting off of people and putting it onto robots.

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