Another crisis garnering attention throughout the West? Transportation. Transit-oriented developments, or TODs, are popping up in urban centers to encourage both population density and increased ridership of train, subway, and bus lines. This 110-unit development, dubbed The Union, offers residents stylish apartment units just steps from the West Oakland BART Station.

While many developers have embraced volumetric modular construction for multifamily builds, The Union is unique in its origins. Rather than beginning with traditional plans, The Union project was devised specifically with modular in mind. Five of The Union’s six stories were constructed using efficient off-site techniques. A traditional concrete podium houses 3,300 square feet of commercial space below the residences.

Typically, a building of this size would take a year to construct. The Union went up in 10 days. Not only did the locally-produced modular units cost less than typical construction, but with fewer trucks and minimal construction activity, the surrounding neighborhood also enjoyed a better overall experience.

In addition to prime location and stylish accommodations, The Union boasts an open garden plaza and a bike terrace on the first floor. Oakland’s 150 miles of interconnected bikeways add to the myriad transportation options available to residents.

Prefab Logic is the modular product designer and modular project manager for The Union, aided by DCI Engineers, Fard engineers and David Baker Architects on the design team. Prefab Logic’s services included customizing project plans to take maximum advantage of factory-built efficiency, coordinating with the manufacturer, and otherwise ensuring a successful modular build from conception to completion. Prefab Logic also took care of the state submittal, spec documents, and model integration for the project.


Sector: Multifamily
Location: Emeryville, CA
Size: 110 units, 5 modular stories


Developer: Holliday Development
Architect: David Baker Architects
Manufacturer: Factory OS



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