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Our Services

From design to completion, Prefab Logic drives effective modular solutions and successful projects

Modular Design & Plan Development

Our experienced team assists the Architect and consultant pool in driving effective modular designs, and takes on the role of the modular executive, producing the state submittal plans in conjunction with the other consultants.

Manufacturer Selection

At Prefab Logic, we maintain and consistently add solid relationships with a pre-qualified group of manufacturers to assure our clients have access to competitive pricing from the very best resources.

Its our job to know the management team, their current capacity, their capabilities, and to help our clients lock into a production slot when needed.

Project Bidding

When letting your project out to bid, it's critical that the right manufacturers are solicited and that they have a clear understanding of their scope as well as that of the GC.  

Our team of experienced modular experts will develop a clear scope of work document to assist the manufacturer and contractors throughout the bidding process to assure an apples-to-apples bid.

Project Schedule Development

Our team will work with the consultant team, manufacturer, and general contractor to develop a detailed project schedule for the modular portion of the development from design through installation and completion.

In most cases, schedule is a critical component that makes modular attractive.  Our team is instrumental in driving a clear understanding of schedule for deliverables throughout the modular process.

Factory Construction Admin.

Our team works to assure compliance with specifications, design intent, as well as fit and finish for the client.  This important service allows the manufacturer to take corrective action in a timely manner and greatly improves the overall performance of a project with regard to schedule and cost.

On-Site Modular Construction Admin.

We work hand-in-hand with the general contractor and team to arrange and coordinate the modular delivery and installation process.  Our teams experience in logistics, temporary water protection, MEP connections, and completion can pave the way to a smooth running and successful project.

Specification Coordination

Our team will provide a high level specification during the Early ROM Budget exercise in order to set expectations with regard to the budget numbers being provided.

After a project manual has been established by the developer and architect on the project, Prefab Logic will pull the information from the project manual and develop a coordinated manufacturer specification to expedite pricing rounds during plan development and contract negotiations.  This document will ultimately be used to assist in the production of the modules.

Compatibility Evaluations

Understanding if your project is compatible with modular construction is critical path when investigating the potential.  Our team looks at all of the important qualifications which might cause the project to be incompatible.  We are motivated to quickly disqualify projects and save our potential clients from wasted energy wherever possible.  Our team is highly skilled at plan conversion and working with architects to drive an efficient design, but occasionally projects just don't fit the methodology due to height, configuration, schedule, site conditions or a host of other constraints.   

We quickly and efficiently determine viability with an unbiased review of the project.  

Early ROM Budgets

Practically every first call we take from a potential client at some point comes to the point of "How much can I save with modular?".  Though this seems like a simple question, its kind of like asking the engine builder for Ford or GM how much the car is going to cost.

Each individual project has its nuances, but in the end the modular components are only part of the equation.  We must help the manufacturer get to a ROM budget based on some plans and an idea of what the modules are and what’s in them, then we need to help the GC understand what their remaining scope is and how to get some sub-trade numbers.

Our team helps drive early Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Budgets through a well disciplined approach.  Circumventing this process typically leads to a false sense cost and unrealistic expectations or can sometimes unnecessarily detour a the client from pursuing a solid modular solution.