We make modular a reality

Over 4200 module capacity per year

Prefab Logic empowers developers, general contractors, and architects to take full advantage of the time, cost, and quality advantages of volumetric modular construction. Our industry leading modular product development, management, and logistics services provide all of the support construction professionals need to go modular. Our service packages include:

Free Project Evaluation

Chances are, your project is already ready for modular—and if not, we can help. Over 50% of the projects we evaluate can benefit from volumetric modular construction. Sign up for a FREE project evaluation today.

Modular Feasibility Study

You’ve considered modular, but just aren’t sure it will work. Our modular feasibility study is the next step. Get everything you need, including cost estimates, scope of work, and a full schedule with our premier viability package.

Production and Delivery Management

Prefab Logic has the most effective modular manufacturing relationships in the industry, resulting in a seamless production experience for our clients, from design to on-site delivery. Find out how our unmatched production and delivery management services can ensure on-time delivery of a superior building product.