Smart Pre-Construction Services

Applying modular advancements to onsite builds

For projects built onsite, we now offer a tailored set of services within our Sprint Model to help you optimize quality, speed, and efficiency. Applying the rigor required for modular manufacturing can impact your conventional project dramatically. Drawn from our offsite pre-construction suite, these scalable services give you the right data to manage onsite materials, contractors, and risk much more efficiently.

See how automation-proven offsite pre-construction methods can benefit your site-built projects—and explore our digital twin and Sprint Model.

A Sprint Model proven to cut pre-construction time in half

You’ll compress time, increase quality, cut costs, and ensure constructability with our proven Sprint Model. It guides all stakeholders each step of the way—with approvals carefully timed to avoid costly rework—and sleepless nights.

Sprint 0


  • BIM Execution Plan (BXP)
  • Scope Lock
  • No more changes in the
    agreed upon Scope/Requirements

Sprint 1


  • Sprint Schedule / Requirements
  • Architecture VR
  • Design Review
  • Architecture Lock
  • No more changes in the
    Architectural model/design intent

Sprint 2


  • Navisworks Model
  • MEPFS Lock
  • No more changes to
    the MEPFS model

Complete data

sets and modeling

of these disciplines

  • Architectual
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Fire
  • Low voltage

Key Offerings


Design review—design optimization, discipline break-down drawings, trade coordination and clash detection of existing designs


Integrated modeling, data modeling, clash detection and design optimization.


Project management—sprint model stakeholder review coordination, trade/discipline coordination


Digital twin development—a complete data set for 3D visualization, drawings, procurement, trades guidance, takeoffs, ongoing property management, and more


Digital twin VR model—Virtual reality to see an exact digital twin of your project long before it’s built—for both VR headsets and PC screens


Digital twin AR model—augmented reality for all trades to preplan and examine MEPFS details onsite in 3D with a standard tablet


Materials take-offs and complete, dynamic project data to plan purchasing and maintenance


Ongoing digital property management—keeping the building “user manual” up to date as modifications occur

Explore how to general contractors and all the trades can change the game onsite using data-driven preconstruction and digital twin technology. Access this free E-book now.

“When you have an approach that works for robots, who don’t know how to do anything, imagine how it can help you direct your skilled teams onsite.”


—The Data Driven GC E-book, Page 7

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